About me

Hello, my name is Tom Andrieu. I’m a Web & Android developer

I’m based in the south of the France but i’m used to move around. I like to challenge myself in new  projects, it’s what pushes me to always try to progress.

Passionate of IT, my curiosity drive me to push my limits, create and always  explore new horizon. Graduate with DUT Informatique, being a freelance  give me the freedom to work of this passion and to invest myself in cool projects.


My study projects, personal experiencesand professional work.
The objectives and results may vary, but each project is unique and brought something beneficial.

Ride My Park

Community social network for skateparks, events and shop referrals in the riding world.

Film Selector

My first personnal project.
Creation of a website and it’s mobile application of film referrals and informations.

KIKE – Code Game Jam

Java game create in 48h during the 2nd edition of the Code Game Jam of the IUT Informatique of Montpellier-Sète.

Kodama – L’esprit de la forêt

Unity game create in 48h during the 3rd edition of the Code Game Jam of the IUT Informatique of Montpellier-Sète

Responsive development of a web service/application.

3-month internship with the objective of adapting the flagship service of Itesoft : SLFI into responsive mode for tablets and mobiles.

Nuit de l’info 2019

Mini game named GeckOs create in 36h, during the nuit de l’info 2019 in a team of 6 at the IUT of Montpellier-Sète.

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